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The law can be complicated and difficult to understand.
Finding an available lawyer you can trust is challenging.
Trivett Law exists to provide legal solutions for your peace of mind.

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We know what it feels like to need a solution for a problem. The unknown can be overwhelming. Just the idea of “finding a lawyer” can be intimidating. Every issue is unique and requires a personal approach. We understand that going on without a plan isn’t the answer. Long term, unresolved legal issues can make matters worse and cost significantly more. That’s why developing a relationship with a lawyer you can know, trust, and depend on is a valuable relationship to develop. Give us a call. We want to help.

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Call to schedule an appointment with our attorney. We will help you be prepared for the meeting.



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Experience the peace of mind that comes with legal solutions with an attorney you can know and trust.

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Meet Patrick M. Trivett

If you’re looking for an authentic lawyer with a diversified knowledge of the law, you have come to the right place. Patrick Trivett was born and raised in Marysville, and his goal is to serve clients long-term in a relaxed and comfortable environment as you seek solutions for your legal problems. “I am personally invested in my clients and will tell you if we’re not the right fit for you. You’ll get straight answers along with peace of mind.”

Problems Don’t Disappear, But...

Legal Solutions Do Exist

Without good legal representation, life can go on with no resolution in sight. Over the long-haul, unaddressed legal issues can actually get worse. That’s when anxiety and stress increase. Fear of the unknown can lead to avoidance. This usually results in greater expenses than necessary. Don’t let fear of the unknown leave you tossing and turning. Patrick Trivett is here to help you find solutions so you can live your life!

Why Call Trivett Law Offices?

Legal Quality & Personal Care


Patrick Trivett brings a quality education and diversified experience to help clients find the BEST solution for your legal needs.


We are deeply connected with this community and aren’t going anywhere. Our vision is long-term availability for consistent client care.


It’s one thing to find a good lawyer, it’s another to actually have access when you need them. We are committed to client access and availability.

The Trivett Experience

Client Testimonials


Mr. Trivett went above and beyond for my grandma. He came to our house when she couldn’t walk which was very gracious and kind. He thoroughly helped her needs by going above and beyond. I highly recommend him.

- Felicia Z.


I am very pleased with both the professional service I received and great advice and direction regarding my will. Patrick Trivett kept me from making some costly mistakes. I highly recommend this attorney.

- Karen J.


Patrick Trivett is a straight up honest guy. He spoke in very easy to understand terminology and is great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone, and will definitely use his services in the future.

- Craig