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Patrick M. Trivett

Patrick M. Trivett is a Marysville native and a hard-working, passionate advocate for his clients. After receiving his license to practice law in the State of Washington in 2007, Patrick spent the following year clerking for the Honorable Ronald L. Castleberry of Snohomish County Superior Court. In the fall of 2008, Patrick opened the doors of his own private practice and has been serving Snohomish County residents ever since. Patrick is an empathetic listener and a trusted counselor. He looks for creative solutions to complex problems, has excellent research skills, and values an open line of communication between his clients and himself. He is looking forward to hearing from you.

Whitman College – B.A. in Politics – 2002

Seattle University School of Law – J.D. – 2006

Why Call Trivett Law Offices?

Legal Quality & Personal Care


Patrick Trivett brings a quality education and diversified experience to help clients find the BEST solution for your legal needs.


We are deeply connected with this community and aren’t going anywhere. Our vision is long-term availability for consistent client care.


It’s one thing to find a good lawyer, it’s another to actually have access when you need them. We are committed to client access and availability.

Don't Be Complacent

Be Prepared

We know what it feels like to need a solution for a problem. The unknown can be overwhelming. Just the idea of “finding a lawyer” can be intimidating. Every issue is unique and requires a personal approach. We understand that going on without a plan isn’t the answer. Long term, unresolved legal issues can make matters worse and cost significantly more. That’s why developing a relationship with a lawyer you can know, trust, and depend on is a valuable relationship to develop. Give us a call. We want to help.

Problems Don’t Disappear, But...

Legal Solutions Do Exist

Without good legal representation, life can on with no resolution in sight. Over the long-haul, unaddressed legal issues can actually get worse. That’s when anxiety and stress increase. Fear of the unknown can lead to avoidance. This usually results in greater expenses than necessary. Don’t let fear of the unknown leave you tossing and turning. Patrick Trivett is here to help you find solutions so you can live your life!